Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014 will be held in Las Vegas, NV on March 3-6, 2014. The following types of conference passes are available for purchase. Please select the Register Now button next to the conference pass that you would like to register for.  


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General Registration Rate $1,995 (USD)

This is an all-access pass that covers your full attendance at the conference.  It includes admittance to every single session, access to the exhibit hall, all of the evening events, and daily conference meals.


Exhibit Hall Only Pass $300 (USD)

This is a limited pass that allows access to the exhibit hall and to the Sunday evening Welcome Reception.  Please note: this pass WILL NOT allow you access to conference sessions, the evening events and daily conference meals.


Guest Pass $150 (USD)

This pass is for use at the Tuesday Attendee Party only. It covers all food, beverage and entertainment provided during this event. If you are getting a General Registration pass, you DO NOT need this to get into the Attendee Party.


Edit/Update Registration

To add or make changes to your hotel, pre/post day activity choices, or update any other information to your General Registration: you may do so through our Returning Services.